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Andy Davidson


For over seventeen years Andy Davidson has specialized in Multi-family development and construction, and overseen the construction of over 6,000 units in California. Andy started working in the business in 2005 while attending Sacramento State University for a degree in Real Estate and Land Use Affairs. Through hard work, and a little luck, Andy quickly became the Vice President of Construction of one of California’s top development company. Over the years, Andy has built throughout the state and continued to further his knowledge of building efficiencies, owner desires, and tenant trends. In 2015 Andy was part of the founding team of Anton DevCo, and built the in-house construction company, Anton Building Company, from the ground up. Andy immediately transitioned Anton Building Company from an in-house GC for DevCo deals, to a premier General Contractor working with various owners throughout the Western United States, which opened up the next chapter, the Next Phase, of the company. Andy is extremely hands on with each community Next Phase builds. From Pre-Construction through final completion, Andy is working hand in hand with his team to make sure Next Phase delivers on their commitment. In 2017 Andy was Chairman of the Board for the Northstate Building Industry Association, and today stays very engaged with various local chapters of the BIA as well as the CBIA. When Andy isn’t working or fighting for our industry, without question, he is spending time with his family. You would be able to check their personal calendar and see that they all have an outdoor activity of traveling, hunting, fishing, hiking, skiing or boating scheduled together nearly each and every weekend, unless it is a weekend of coaching the kids in one of their sports.

Patricia Seymour


Patricia has over 20 years of experience working in public and private accounting. As the Chief Financial Officer for Next Phase, Patricia oversees all the accounting aspects of the business and closely monitors the company’s finances. She is a strong finance professional skilled in budgeting, accounting, tax, financial reporting and research.

Alonso Barcena

Vice President of Construction Management

Alonso Barcena oversees the project management team and is solely responsible for the schedule, budget, and quality of his assigned projects.  Alonso manages the onsite staff which includes superintendents, assistant project managers, project engineers, project administration and laborers. He emphasizes “paving the road” for his onsite team to help deliver projects on schedule. Alonso is also invested and focused on the professional growth of his team members. He shares his knowledge of jobsite day-to-day activities to promote good time management and continuity across his projects. Alongside project managers and assistant PMs, Alonso closely monitors project budgets. He assists with project buyout, change order review, and execution.  

 Alonso joined the Anton team in 2015 and has supervised the construction of 5 projects totaling over 1600 units. Prior to joining Anton, Alonso spent 11 years in education. This experience has taught him how to effectively communicate with his team, as well as establish and maintain great rapport with development partners and ownership. 

Chip Becker

Director of Pre-construction

Chip attended California State University Sacramento for Construction Management and has construction in his blood as his father and grandfather were contractors. Seeing a concept turn into a physical monument that houses families and being part of that process doesn’t get old for Chip. Chip enjoys problem solving with the team and the collaboration needed to make the project become a reality. It has been said that Chip’s superpower is his attention to detail. He uses it to ensure assemblies within the plans are not only buildable in the field but also meet the budget and design intent of the ownership group. Chip is proud to have worked his way through the ranks in the field to become Project Manager. Another of Chip’s accomplishments include having managed estimating and pre-construction on over 9,000 multi-family units throughout California. When Chip is not in the field, you will find him spending time with family and friends, traveling, working on his house or golf swing.

Jamie Atterholt

Director of Business Development

Jamie’s interest in construction started in 2006, when she worked in the contents and marketing division of her father’s construction company, ACI Inc. After receiving her Bachelor’s in Psychology from The University of Massachusetts Lowell, she held marketing roles at various companies. She eventually decided she wanted to expand her experience and accepted a position at a residential interior design company doing project management. Jamie soon realized her passion and expertise were in relationship building rather than operations, and thus she found her way out of project management and into business development. Jamie worked as Director of Business Development for another well-known Southern California general contractor, where she was able to leverage all her past experience and establish many strong industry connections. Once the opportunity arose at Next Phase, Jamie was excited to jump on board to lead the future company growth. 

Jamie is passionate about fostering genuine connections with industry partners. She uses an innovative and more personal approach to networking. Her philosophy is simple: “Be a good human and help others without an agenda.” This philosophy has led to many deeply-rooted relationships in the residential and commercial real estate development arena. She uses mindfulness to connect industry partners, so that the synergy between the chosen project players – from architect to developer to GC – is highly successful. 

Although Jamie is very passionate about her career, when she is not working, she enjoys spending time with her friends and family, golfing, scuba diving, snowboarding, wine tasting and cuddling with her two fur babies.

Brock Rutherford

Project Executive

Growing up around construction, it’s no surprise Brock graduated in Construction Management from California State University Sacramento and works in the field as a Project Engineer. It’s clear his early memories of being woken by his dad before it was light outside running to his warmed up truck, and driving out to one of his projects to monitor a Saturday morning concrete pour made an impact on Brock. Most of Brock’s mornings these days start with a large dark roast cup of coffee and phone calls with the project teams to check-in and review the weekly project schedule and discuss critical activities. Brock finds great reward in walking others through a process and finding a way to communicate the information in a manner that is digestible and sticks with them. He enjoys how his position affords him the opportunity to mentor others just as someone once took him under their wing. Brock has helped contribute building fantastic projects. In his free time, Brock is all about disconnecting and spending quality time outdoors with his wife and son.  

Ryan Shanks

Project Executive

Personal development, critical thinking, and problem-solving are just some of the prominent qualities that define Ryan Shanks. After graduating from Chapman University with a degree in Kinesiology and Sports Performance, Ryan spent the next few years coaching high school and college-level athletes. As life came to a crossroads, he chose to explore a new world of the Construction Industry. Ryan quickly fell in love with Construction by making the correlation that as many systems create a human body, many trades build the structures of the world. Ryan started to understand the importance of each trade and how the role of proper sequencing impacts the development of each project. His desire to learn and willingness to face challenges head-on has provided countless opportunities to quickly gain useful experience. Ryan’s previous construction field experiences alongside his coaching background, provide the foundation of a communicative, diligent, innovative, and successful culture, that leads to delivering quality products.

Sky Bell

General Area Superintendent

With unique experience spanning scaffolding, to his current position as General Superintendent, Sky is a great asset to the team. For background, he also started his own company that had a focus on home remodels and new swimming pool construction. The recession hit and Sky had to find a new career. This caused him to have a stint working for California Highway Patrol until he sustained an injury that was the catalyst towards his return to what he truly loved, construction. Sky covers Next Phase’s Southern California, Arizona and Colorado markets. Sky’s typical day starts with meetings discussing the daily goals, executing those goals, and reconvening in the afternoon with the team to review what was actually accomplished and additional action items. Sky enjoys being on the field with his team. He appreciates being granted the ability to get dirty, sweat a bit, and reward his team with coffee or lunch when he finds appropriate. Sky is known and valued for his people skills including his ability to teach without micro managing. A few of Sky’s memorable accomplishments include successfully managing several wraps and podium sites and establishing complex site logistics, waterproofing pools on the top of buildings, obtaining his general contractor’s license and starting his own swimming pool constructions company. When not on the job, Sky is happiest spending time with his family. 

Nathan Gilmore

General Area Superintendent

Nathan Gilmore is a highly experienced professional with a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry, including the management and completion of several multi-million-dollar projects. He started his career as a journeyman lather at Lath Contractor in 1992 and quickly progressed to working for a general contractor specializing in remodeling and new construction projects. With his deep understanding of construction processes and a passion for the industry, Nathan eventually became a General Contractor himself.

Currently, Nathan serves as the General Area Superintendent at Next Phase Construction, Inc. where he leads multiple projects and oversees a team of Superintendents in Northern California. Nathan’s experienced eye for quality control helps him maintain job schedules, manage onsite staff, and keep the job site in compliance with OSHA and SWPP regulations. He is recognized for his honesty, strong work ethic, good communication, and responsiveness. Nathan embodies the values that drive him both professionally and personally.

Nathan takes great pride in the sense of accomplishment that comes with building something that people will live in and enjoy for years to come. 

During his days off from work, Nathan leads an active lifestyle. He indulges in various recreational activities during his free time, including hunting, archery, gun shooting, fishing, snowboarding, dirt biking, and 4-wheeling. Nathan is currently building his own Toyota Tacoma Crawler, showcasing his passion for craftsmanship and love for off-road adventures.