Stay Relentless!

“Over a 30 year span I have been able to build and manage projects for numerous General Contractor’s. I have built many relationships in those 30 years but none has been more meaningful than the relationship I have built with Andy Davidson. The dedication and integrity he has created with Next Phase Construction has been amazing to watch and work for. Their team from every aspect has been nothing but first class. Their willingness to create a Team environment is beyond measure. Next Phase has created something very special in the construction industry that has gone missing..constant open lines of communication, support from their field management to their office staff and a level of respect they give to everyone involved in each of their projects. Next Phase is a top tier company that we hope to work for many years to come."
David Weller
"Next Phase successfully completed Glemdale’s 84 unit podium building The Blake in Berkely. It was a difficult project that presented unique challenges due the pandemic taking place right as the podium was beginning to be poured. During this difficult period Next Phase was extremely valuable. Their executive leadership was critical to our success meeting with us as needed to problem solve. Solutions came from the top down with a hands on attitude as we navigated not only the traditional challenges of any development project but also the extraordinary ones provided by the pandemic. In the end Next Phase was key contributor to a project that Gemdale is extremely proud of and we are grateful for their involvement."
Steve Sutton
“Integrity and character are the core values that we as a sub-contractor look for in a builder. We work for most all major builders and GCs throughout California, and Next Phase has proven to be at the top of the list. Next Phase is one of the most professional, honest and loyal builders that we have ever dealt with. As the years go by, our relationship continues to grow stronger and we are very thankful to call Next Phase one of our top trade partners in all of the industry! It is our respect and appreciation of Next Phase that drives us to work hard and never let them down. We will do whatever it takes to help make all their projects a success and are on the top of list of preferred builders in the state of California!"
Danny Gates
Wallcraft Drywall
"My Name is Rick Merigold and I’ve been in the stucco, masonry, drywall and insulation industry for over 40 years. I’ve worked with Next Phase Construction for over 10 years and completed many projects with them and am proud of the work we’ve done together. Andy Davidson and Next Phase are great to work with and build a quality product. I would confidently recommend them."
Rick Merigold
Business Development Trencore and Brix
“Architecture Design Collaborative has worked with “Next Phase Construction” for over eight years. Over those years we have come to respect them for their honesty, willingness to work with the design team to resolve complex issues, and focus to build quality projects on-time, and within budget. Architecture Design Collaborative has, and will continue, to recommend “Next Phase Construction” to our clients.”
Corey DeManty
architecture design collaborative
"Having grown up in this industry, I understand the value of a client relationship where the spoken word is as reliable as the most carefully written contract. In this industry, for business to be done in a streamlined and efficient way, you need a foundation of trust. With Next Phase, we were able to establish that trust from the start back in 2014 when we first began working together in Southern California and have carried that into our work with them in Northern California as well. Next Phase is more than a client, they are a trusted partner."
Bret Mcleod
"I have known Andy Davidson since the first day he walked onto a job site. I have watched him grow in this industry from an eager, dedicated, young man working to build a reputable name for himself to who he is today. I have been fortunate enough to be a sounding block for him for over 20+ years, and we have always maintained a very close relationship. Saying I’m very proud of what he has built with Next Phase is an extreme understatement. We feel very fortunate that we will be a partner with Next Phase for many years to come. In an industry where relationships seem to be fading and where people’s word means less and less, we know that when we partner up with Next Phase, we all win."
Ron Dos Reis
“I have been very happy with my experience working with Next Phase Construction. Although this is my first time working with them, they have, so far, exceeded my expectations in terms of performance. While challenges have arisen, I do not gauge success by the absence of issues, which are common in construction. Instead, I value the team's persistent and diligent approach to finding solutions that align with the owner's perspective in meeting the objective and achieving positive resolutions. The Next Phase Team consistently seeks the best solutions to meet goals related to budget, schedule, and quality.”
Michael Woodhart